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Advanced Rabbit Solutions first project was the re-design of a travel cup.  The Go2Show Cup is more than just a travel cup, The Go2Show Cup adds needed features ADVANCING its design and functionality.

ADVANCED Features of the Go2Show Cup

-Thick lip/edge – Rabbits chew, we all know that and they chew because their teeth continually grow and they need to wear them down.  But, they also chew when they are bored like when they are in a carrier.  So, they chew their food and water cups.  We added a “lip” to our Go2Show Cup to deter the rabbits from chewing the cups.  Will they still chew?  Possibly, but we are confident that this thicker lip will hold up longer than the traditional lip of the standard travel cup.

-Advanced Attachment – We have taken how to attach a travel cup to the next level, we ADVANCED it by making it more user friendly and with the ability to work with multiple wire types.

By ADVANCING the way the Go2Show Cup attaches to a cage we did more than just come up with a new way to attach it, we made our patent pending design 1) easier to use, 2) adjustable on wire 1” wide or 2” wide and 3) compatible with standard galvanized wire or vinyl coated wire.

THAT’S RIGHT the Go2Show Cup was designed not only to fit on standard galvanized wire but on vinyl coated wire.  Our unique design includes our clip that is tapered so that it will adjust how far it goes to tighten the cup to the wire

-STACKABLE- space saving, easier to transport, the Go2Show Cup is Stackable.  Stack ability we feel was paramount to re-designing the travel cup.  The Go2Show Cup easily stacks taking up less space and makes it easier to store and transport.

We have added new colors and our Go2Show Cups are now available in:

Blue, Purple, Red, Lime Green, Bright Green and White.

Red, Lime Green, Bright Green & Purple