Our Company

close up side view both cups in wire differently (2) newOur founders have 60+ combined years in the rabbit industry.  Over those years, while some changes have taken place with regards to the rabbit industry, the vast majority of the equipment used today is a slight variation of what we have had for years.  Advanced Rabbit Solutions was created to look at how equipment could be improved to make its use better not only for the owner but for the rabbit too.

Our first re-design was of a travel cup.  The GO 2 Show Cup is more than just a travel cup, The Go 2 Show Cup adds features to the standard travel cup ADVANCING its design and functionality.   While rolling out our Go 2 Show Cup, we are also working on additional products that will be rolled out in the coming year.

Advanced Rabbit Solutions strives to re-imaging, design and manufacture products that can benefit all aspects of the rabbit industry and for that matter can be transitioned into other animal industries.